This client came into us in early June and wished to turn her box-room into a custom walk in wardrobe. This would be a difficult project, because of the dimensions would leave very tight space for our carpenters to work and manoeuvre inside of, but we’re always up for a challenge.

Using the machines we use to cut slatwall, we cut and manufactured every piece of this walk-in-wardrobe before we handed them over to our expert carpenters who then took these pieces and fitted them on site.

From there we cut out any additional pieces that were needed for the project, such as shelving, skirting boards, top capping & wall panelling.

Towards the end of the project, the client had made additional requirements, such as extra storage for the walk wardrobe and matching bed side cabinets, all of these requirements were met, although the budget needed to be increased, which the client was happy with.

The project finished in mid-July.

Slatwall Accessories

All of our slat wall are manufactured in house in our factory here in kylemore. We receive our quality wood from reliable suppliers here on the kylemore road and manufacture them into anything a client could need.

We cut slatwall as soon as we get the order in, we can cut many different colours of mdf and we supply any of the slatwall accessories needed such as; Metal & Plastic inserts, Standard Metal hooks, Standard Euro hooks, Euro Tags. Anything you need to go alongside your slatwall sheets. Continue reading

What is the slatwall manufacturing process?

Our process for manufacturing and producing slatwall and other furniture pieces is a simple, consistent process. We design every piece of slatwall to be completely identical, this is important as all the slatwall slits must absolutely match. Any mismatch between these cuts is detrimental to the entire process.

First thing we must do is design a cutting pattern for the CNC router to read and cut. This can be simple or complicated depending on the design. The complexity of the design also contributes to how long the cutting of the piece will take.

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Have you supplied stores?

Have you supplied stores? slatwall-in-stores

Here at slatwall.ie, we manufacture and supply slatwall using our in-house CNC router to cut through various materials. Wood, Mdf, plastics and acrylics. We also supply the various implements needed alongside the cut slatwall itself. That’s the hooks and metal arrangements needed for displaying products. Continue reading

Immersion Heater: Quality Immersion Heaters in Leinster

Immersion Heaters are the number one solution for household heating in Ireland.

Young people buying their first house and people who already had one but with a less efficient heating system have moved in the last few years towards immersion heaters for their many benefits:

  • Affordable purchase and installation
  • Affordable repairs and replacement parts
  • Significantly more efficient than other solutions (such as storage heaters), leaving you with more money in your pocket after paying the heating bill
  • Excellent noise levels
  • No maintenance needed for years

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