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Slatwall in Ireland – We manufacture, deliver and install

We specialise in the manufacture of slatboard for retail display. We supply, deliver and install slat wall sheets in plain MDF or a standard melamine finish. We can also supply an endless list of colour finishes as we have a spray booth on-site. Our panels are high quality and we stock a range of accessories to satisfy all your display requirements.

Any Size – Any Colour Slatboard

Slatwall is simple to use and can transform all types of shops from small retail outlets to large department stores. We can design and build counters in any shape or size to display your products. We can also cut slat panels to any size you require to fit around structural pillars and to use your display space to best effect.

Our workshop is fully equiped with the latest equipment and the team are trained to deliver results on time and on budget. If your a shopfitter and need a supply of custom or plain slatboard at the right price call us now and place an order, or if your opening or renovating a shop we can help you complete your slat wall display.

We are based in Dublin near The Red Cow Roundabout and we are easy to find if you want to discuss your design plans and work out a budget for your project. We have the best prices in Ireland for slat wall as we do everything in-house saving our customers time and money.

Call us on 01 4301258 for a quick quote.

Press play to watch our CNC router make Slat wall.

Slat wall: Why Use It?

What is the most time and money consuming part of opening a store? It is the interiors. You might have a strong base and structure for the store, but unless you have the proper outfits for it, you are not going to make a bang in the locality. It is the cold truth of marketing: what looks good, sells well. And what is boring or mundane won’t sell nearly as much. Thus, you have to design your store thoughtfully, and also have to keep changing the outfit from time to time – a process which could get extremely expensive. That is the reason why slat wall has been developed.

To save time and money spent in organizing the store, slatwalls have “slots” on the walls (they are also called slotwalls for this exact reason!). Thus, you can basically slide all your bins and hooks into the slots to neatly organize the store in whatever layout you desire, and you can literally change it at any time with just a simple slide. Some major benefits that you get from the modern slatwalls are listed below.

The Benefits of Using Slatwall in Your Store

  1. Slatwall Durability: The slat wall building material is exceptionally durable, and can hold heavy objects in the slats, when they slide into the grooves. You can slide metal grooves as well. The rugged way in which they are made gives them a great life expectancy.
  2. Slatwall Affordability: Imagine redesigning your store from ground up at fixed periods of time. Will it not get pricey? It definitely will. Now imagine doing the same by just sliding your hangers and bins around without effort. You would need just a little bit of time and creativity to come up with amazing store design ideas every day. The only cost is that of the initial installation, and depending on the quality of the boards of the slatwall, your initial prices may vary.
  3. Slatwall Customization: As noted above, customization is always a possibility with slatwalls. You have a myriad of styles and colors to choose from.
  4. Ease of use: You do not need professional help in redesigning (or even initially designing) your store. All you need is a bit of sliding here and there, and you should be ready with a brand new design. But if you don’t already have an idea about how you want your store to look, our team will help you plan its layout and design.

Slatwall Accessories

All of our slat wall are manufactured in house in our factory here in kylemore. We receive our quality wood from reliable suppliers here on the kylemore road and manufacture them into anything a client could need.
We cut slatwall as soon as we get the order in, we can cut many different colours of mdf and we supply any of the slatwall accessories needed such as; Metal & Plastic inserts, Standard Metal hooks, Standard Euro hooks, Euro Tags. Anything you need to go alongside your slatwall sheets.
All of our slatwall accessories can come in bulk, so if you need 20 sheets you can get the appropriate amount of slatwall accessories alongside them.

Have you considered a Radiator cover?

Here at we manufacture and sell slat wall units for commercial retail stores. But that’s not all we manufacture, using the same quality materials and manufacturing process, We also build radiator covers for your store or home. Radiator covers are a terrific way to hide ugly radiators from ruining your home or stores look. They come in a variety of styles and sizes to ensure there is one that suits your needs, check them out over at

Slatwall Materials

There are numerous materials commonly used for slatwalls. Usually, Medium Density Fiberboards (MDF) are used. But PVC, or other materials can also be used for the purpose, based on the applications and projected future needs.

You can literally have your slat wall look the way you have imagined your store’s final getup. You can get slatwalls that are made of melamine (called Low Pressure Laminate) that have solid colors or are wood-like. You can also have your slatwall made of real wood. Usually, for real wood slatwalls, birch, cherry, mahogany or oak boards are used. If you are in need of very heavy duty slatwalls for heavy applications, you can go for High Pressure Laminate (HPL) material as well. The HPL material is high end and can be customized to have a color specific look.

Once your material has been decided, you can decide the groove spacing. Depending on your application, you can go for larger grooves for more strength, or smaller grooves for more usability. You can decide on the size of the groove, based on the amount of pressure you are going to put on the slat wall.

Call us for All Your Slatwall Needs!

So if you are looking forward to building a store that looks great from the get-go and that can change its looks based on your wishes without being overwhelmingly pricy, slat wall is your choice of material. The sheer creativity that you can exercise with slatwall is reason enough to go for it. 

Should you wish to create custom made cabinets for your store we have a skilled team of cabinet makers that can assist you in fitting out your shop with the best cabinetry.

Call 01 4301258 right now for friendly advice or to place a slatwall order!