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We provide a range of gas boilers for replacement and the prices begin at €1499 and if you’re struggling to decide on what gas boiler to choose from, our team will be able to consult you. A few tips to bear in mind is to know that if your home is small and you’re purchasing a big gas boiler, it will never be able to reach it’s full efficiency potential. Equally if the house is big or the household will potentially expand in the future, a small gas boiler will be overworked.

Our team of registered gas installers are happy to inspect the gas boiler and examine your heating system to determine whether you need a replacement or not. However when it is the case of replacing a gas boiler you’ll be able to save up to 40% gas bill as a result.

Gas Boiler gas-boilers-Ireland

Most gas boilers come with a 2-5 year warranty and to make sure that you are entitled to it after installing a gas boiler our RGI specialist will walk you through the steps of action that needs to be undertaken.

Our team are happy to supply and install a gas boiler within a short timeframe. To get in touch with one of our team representatives to book your appointment click here.

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