Slatwall Manufacturing

Our process for manufacturing and producing slatwall and other furniture pieces is a simple, consistent process. We design every piece of slatwall to be completely identical, this is important as all the slatwall slits must absolutely match. Any mismatch between these cuts is detrimental to the entire process.

First thing we must do is design a cutting pattern for the CNC router to read and cut. This can be simple or complicated depending on the design. The complexity of the design also contributes to how long the cutting of the piece will take.

After the design has been created and implemented into the cutting machine, we load wooden boards onto the machine and allow the cutting to take place. We load and unload these boards all day based on the amount of work we get in.

After a piece or set of pieces have been cut, we can send them to our in-house spray painting facility if needs be. If not, they’re lined up and ready to be delivered or collected.

What else do you manufacture?

We don’t just manufacture slatwall, we also make radiator covers and various furniture pieces.

We cut everything on our CNC router and have our qualified cabinet makers put the furniture together.

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