Slatwall Panels

What are Slatwall Panels?

Slatwall is the new great thing in the rapidly changing design and merchandising industry that focuses on the interior design of stores. The design of the “walls” is such that there are grooves in between the panels where you can slide in all the hooks and hangers to display your merchandise in your store. The benefit of this is that your shop’s design is extremely customizable, and that the effort required to make such customizations is very little, and no money is required to make basic changes.

The slatwall panels are installed in different forms, from wall panels to freestanding fixtures of various kinds. Slatwall panels can be chosen based on the need at hand. If you wish to have a more permanent look, you could go for the wall panels, while other types of panels can be used if you want to have a bit more flexibility.


Slatwall Panel Types

Here is a list of the different types of slatwall panels that we can install for you.

  1. Wall Panels: The installation process is trickier than with others, but it’s 100% worth it if it’s done by a professional team like ours. Wall panels would make sure that your floors are clutter-free and allow more room for the customers to move around the shop. They come in various sizes, mounting formats, and let you use the entire area of your store without hampering movement.
  2. COVID Panels: Protective COVID Panels are screens made from clear Perspex that protect your customers and staff from airborne infections. COVID panels can be installed in any office, shop or room where multiple people are expected to be present at any time.
  3. Freestanding Fixtures: These come in all the different ways that you can imagine. These panels can range from gondolas that can stand in your store, to simple towers that can hang objects.
    1. Slatwall Gondolas are the largest freestanding fixtures of slatwall panels. They consist of 4 multi-directional panels that have casters, and facilitate the display of large merchandise without spreading out the materials a lot.
    2. Slatwall Cubes are commonly used for spinning displays, where the merchandise is hung on all or some of the sides of the cube and the customer is able to spin the cube on an axis, to view the other sides. This makes the display more interactive, and the space used is greatly reduced. 4 multi-directional panels are used in cubes, and they have casters and spinning base, which is good for showcasing multiple small objects or one large piece of something.


  • Pinwheel design is basically the cube design, with added security. The cube design focuses on better visibility, but the hangings can be brushed by passing customers and might fall. Pinwheel protects the hangings.
  • Tower design of slatwall panel is simply a double sided panel set. It has 2 back-to-back panels, which may or may not be installed on a spinning base. Like pinwheel panels, towers can be used for displaying smaller items.

Slatwall Panels Usability

As we can see, slatwall panels and accessories can be used to display a lot of items in the stores, which can range from footballs to shoes, and shirts and pants. The panels are the anchors to the accessories like hooks, shelves, hanging rods and the like, which can be mixed and matched based on the desired look and the utility of the space. The space utilization due to the use of slatwall panels is extremely high, and the number of display units of merchandise can increase many-folds through the use of these panels.

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